Railway ministry- Seat is available in the train, IRCTC will tell you, know how?

Many more information will be available from push notification notifications.

Many more information will be available from push notification notifications.

Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation has started the facility of Push Notification to facilitate its users, so that the passenger will be informed about all the facilities to be launched apart from the availability of seats with the users.

New Delhi. Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has news to give relief to its users. IRCTC has updated the website, so that the user will get a message when the seat is vacant in the train, so that he can travel by booking a seat in the train as per the convenience. For this, the user will have to take the facility of Push Notification. In this, apart from seats, the user will automatically get information about many other types of IRCTC related new facilities.

The Ministry of Railways has taken an initiative to make travel convenient for the passengers. At present, IRCTC has a total of around 30 million users. For the convenience of these users, IRCTC has started the facility of push notifications on its website. You will see this option when you open the site. The user has to take this facility. Whose benefit will be available to him in many facilities including ticket booking. The general user will get the most benefit from it while booking tickets.

For example, before booking a ticket for any place, you see the availability of seats in trains. As per your convenience, you saw the seat in all the trains of the route, but the seat was not available and you did not book the ticket due to non-availability of the seat on the scheduled date. After this, in the trains in which you have seen the seats, if a passenger cancels the ticket in those trains, then along with the train number, you will get an alert message, in which the information about the seat being vacant will be given to you, by which you can book the ticket. can travel.

According to IRCTC officials, all such facilities will be given to the user in the push notification. Like IRCTC is going to start a tour package, then its message will go. With the launch of any new facility related to catering in trains, information will be given to all the users taking the facility of push notifications.

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