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World Music Day 2021: Whenever we are immersed in some sorrow, music or music only helps us to overcome it. The only thing that can change the atmosphere of our sorrow into happiness in a few moments is music. When we listen to the tunes of music, many times we start trembling, while at the same time our eyes become moist. Music is what refreshes our mind and heart, but do you know that there is a day fixed in the world for music too. On this day, programs are organized to make music accessible to the common people and that day is June 21. Yes, today World Music Day is organized. Let us know when and where the first event was held to bring music to the whole world and what effect it had on the whole world.

First Music Jalsa was held in France
This event originated in France. Music lovers can better understand how France carries forward its culture and tradition. This day was celebrated in France in the year 1982 and since then this trend has continued. In France this procession is known as ‘Fete de la Musique’.

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second story
In 1976, the famous American musician Joel Cohen organized a music festival in France. Since then, World Music Day is celebrated every year on the date of 21 June. Music lovers celebrate this day all over the world. Musicians from different countries perform throughout the night with their own instruments and enrich the music.

listen to music without paying
On this occasion, successful and famous musicians from different countries play songs and music for the people in parks, museums, railway stations and common public places. They don’t even take any money in return. By doing this they act as a bridge between the public and the music. In today’s time, these festivals are being organized in Argentina, Britain, Luxembourg, Germany, China, Lebanon, Costa Rica apart from India. Musicians want to promote peace and peace in the whole world through these processions.

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