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The bride is very excited about the wedding and what to say about the bridal dress. What does the bride not do to make the bridal dress special? The preparations for this dress are done long in advance, but this bright living in New York, USA, did something amazing with her bridal dress. While traveling on the subway while working in New York City, a designer and TikTok user made her own wedding dress in 9 months. She has woven her wedding dress with her own hands.

Esther Andrews shares the process of making a wedding dress in a viral TikTok video. Although people get their wedding dress ready long before, Andrews could not complete her dress till the day before the wedding. The bride designed her dress with layers of ruffles, a tiered skirt, long sleeves with ruffled cuffs and a V-neckline. She has also used more than four miles of mohair lace yarn for this.

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Inspiring himself, Andrews said it was as silly and fun as it meets Pirates of Space and Tomato Patch. She said in the video that when it came time to stitch it together she was scared because she could only trust that it would fit right in. There was no time to go back. She also gave a glimpse while wearing a beautiful bridal dress. She herself also made a dress for the groom with her own hands that looked like an astronaut suit and a starry sky. She even sewed a pair of socks for her groom.

Andrews wrote on his Instagram account – Thank you to all the new followers of TikTok for giving so much love to the video of me hand knitting my tomato patch bridal dress. It was very special to share this process and you are all very welcome.

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