covid19 Guidelines Boating starts again in Tehri lake 72 hours ago corona negative report required tourist

Tourists coming to Tehri Lake will have to follow the Corona Guidelines.

Tourists coming to Tehri Lake will have to follow the Corona Guidelines.

After about two months, boating activities have been started again in the deserted Tehri lake. Following the Kovid guidelines, tourists will have to come with the Kovid Negative Report 72 hours earlier.

Tehri. In view of the increasing infection of Corona in Uttarakhand (Uttarakhand), the operation of the boat in Tehri Lake was stopped from 30 April 2021. Due to this, a crisis of livelihood had arisen in front of the boat business operators facing the double whammy of Kovid. Now the administration has once again given permission to start boating in Tehri Lake under the Corona protocol. During the tourist season, from March to June, tourists used to reach Tehri Lake from far and wide. In this season, boat traders used to do their business for the whole year. Last year also due to Kovid and this time also due to Kovid in the tourist season, boat traders who were facing double whammy of Kovid were demanding to start boating according to the new guidelines of Kovid.

After this, the district administration and tourism department have given permission to start boating with conditions, following the Covid negative report and guidelines of 72 hours ago. Boat traders have also got relief after this decision.

Tourists will have to show corona test report

The Kovid negative report of tourists is also being checked at the main gate by Tehri Lake Boat Union and masks along with sanitization have been made mandatory. Although tourists arrived in small numbers on the first day, but the tourists who are reaching Tehri Lake also say that since when they were waiting for boating to start in Tehri Lake. Now he is following the guidelines along with the Kovid negative report with the family.

performance announcement

Here, the Uttarakhand Congress on Saturday threatened that the party would launch a protest if the current High Court judge is not investigated for the alleged fake Kovid-19 investigation scam during the Haridwar Kumbh Mela. State Congress President Pritam Singh said at a press conference here, “If the investigation of this scam under the chairmanship of the sitting High Court judge is not ordered, then the Congress will hold a state-wide protest and it will start on June 25 in Haridwar on the banks of the river Ganga.” Singh said, “It is the sin of the BJP which presents itself as the custodian of Sanatan Hindu Dharma. This scam happened under this government during an epidemic like Kovid.

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