Due to these mistakes, Rs 2,000 of PM Kisan Samman Nidhi can get stuck! See if you are not doing this mistake

New Delhi. Modi Government By small And marginal farmers To note In keeping has start of gone Prime minister Farmer respect Fund Plan (PM Kisan Samman Nidhi Yojana) The money you get can get stuck. There is no need to panic, this money is not being stopped by the government, but due to a small mistake made by you, it can definitely get stuck. you know this Plan of under 1 year In 3 installments In farmers To Government 6,000 Rupees of Economic Help does is. every 4 month In farmers of account In 2,000 Rupees transfer done go Huh. Now By farmers of account In 8 installments In money send go have passed Huh. if You Too this Plan of Benefit To lift Want Huh so registration to do Will happen. its with hee One Bet these Too is that your base card Bank account from Link Happen needed. there Assam, Meghalaya, JammuKashmir of for this Bet applicable No of gone is.

Many farmers did not get money because
now Too many like this Farmer Huh, to whom One Too installment of money No meet Huh. They apply Too did is. Agriculture department By Center Government To send went some form In PFMS By Fund transfer of Time many Kind of mistakes pie gone is by which installment of Amount transfer No Ho Pa doing is. like this In you mine mistakes rectify Will be.

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Learn kiss Kind of Ho could Huh mistakes
farmers ours Name English In Write necessary is. if you Hindi In Name written is so That On improvement to do of need is.

apply to do the ones Farmer of account In Name And apply to do of During Name of spelling In Any Too Type of someone mistake No to be needed.

Bank of IFSC code write In someone mistake No to do needed.

Bank account giving Time someone mistake No to do needed.

Ours Know To well like Check Tax Take it. so that village of spelling write In someone mistake No Ho.

In All mistakes To base of through OK Tax Take it. if Any Too Type of someone mistake Ho gone so your 2,000 Rupees Arrested Will go

Online like this improve mine mistakes
from all first you PM Farmer of Website pmkisan.gov.in On Visit do Will happen. its after Here you up of And One Link formers corner Will see. this Link On Click do so base edit of One Link will see, where you Click do Will happen.

Again your Front that page will open, That On You Ours base Number To correct Tax Can Huh. there if account Number wrong Ho Filled lamps Huh so him Too You OK Tax Can Huh. its for you Ours Agriculture department The Office In or accountant from Contact do Will happen. there On by going You his Hui mistake In improvement get it done Can Huh.

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