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Shayari: Shayari is the voice of the heart or the conversation with Mehboob, whatever it is, through them the talk of the heart comes to the lips. In this world of Shero-Sukhan (Shayari), where there is a lot of emotion filled with love-love, there has also been a lot of mention of seasons in it. This is the reason why the poets have presented their perspective in a very attractive way, connecting every season with the captivity of the hearts and have also given it a place in their Kalam. Today, a few words are being presented from such invaluable Kalams of poets. Such words of poets in which the talk of the rainy season and the Kaifiyat of the heart is mentioned. You too can enjoy these prized possession…

He didn’t even open the window in the rain
What was the problem for the soakers yesterday?
Jamal Ehsani

the sun requested
a drop of rain
Mohammad Alvi

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The city was bathed in the rain all night
Those colors that were about to come off
Jamal Ehsani

Body still breaks on rainy nights
Waking up to strange desires
Parveen Shakir

When the rain comes, there is no rest
The clouds that appeared changed my intention too
Hasrat Mohani

‘Adam’ thinking that the rain is wine-e-arsh
drank all the rain of rain upside down
abdul hameed adam

The clouds were far away and there was no shadow anywhere
like this the rainy season never came
Qateel Shifai

As many kutcha houses were washed away in the rain
Otherwise the sorrow I had was for a lifetime
Akhtar Hoshiarpuri

The rain has stopped but near every shadow
So much so that your ass can be soaked
Ahsan Yusuf Zai

he had to come that he used to call me somewhere
It rained all night, he had a message all night
zafar iqbal

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Arrows fell deep in the streets of the city
Night clouds came in such a way that I was scared
Munir Niazi

Surprised by the sight of the rain
How far has it come to shake hands with the sand
Saud Usmani


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