Finland, the world’s happiest country, needs migrant, know what is the reason

Helsinki. Finland, the happiest country in the world, is known for its best standard of living, amenities and systems. It is said that there is no one in this country who is not happy. But, Finland, the happiest country, is unhappy with one thing itself. That is the aging population of this country. Because of this, the country is facing a shortage of workforce. People are not getting to work here. In such a situation, Finland wants people from other countries to come and settle here.

“It is now widely accepted that we need a large number of people in the country,” Saku Tihweren, recruiter at Talented Solutions, told AFP news agency. We need youth to cover and replace the aging population. We need workers.” Unlike Finland, western countries are struggling with population growth.

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According to the United Nations, 39.2 percent of every 100 working age people are 65 years of age or above. Finland is second only to Japan in the elderly population. According to the United Nations, by 2030, the old age dependency ratio will increase to 47.5. Immigration needs to be increased to 20,000-30,000 every year.

Let us tell you that Finland has got the first place for the fourth time in a row in the ‘World Happiness Report’. The United States, which was ranked 13th five years ago, has slipped from 18th to 19th. Despite the death of 1.25 lakh people from Corona in Britain, this country is at number 17 in the list.

Charles Mathies, a research fellow at the Academy of Finland, says: “Finland is going through a difficult time today after many years of inaction by business and government. The population is getting older. We need people. In 2013, five out of eight Spanish nurses were recruited in the western city of Vaasa. After a few months, he left the job and the country, citing inflation, extreme cold weather and complicated language.

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there is a problem in the system

Many political and social problems are said to be behind the migrants not coming to Finland. For example, there are complaints of discrimination against non-Finnish applicants. Helsinki Mayor Jan Vapavuri told AFP: “Startups have told that they can help anyone in the world to come and find work for them in Helsinki, but one has to come alone.” His wife or husband faces difficulty in getting a job. Because of this also people are not wanting to settle in Finland.

Please note that Finland is also a member of the European Union. The area of ​​Finland is 3,38,145 square kilometers. It was under the rule of Russia till 1917. After the revolution in Russia in 1917, he declared himself independent. There in 1906 both women and men were given the right to vote and contest elections. Finland became the first country in the world to adopt gender equality.

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