The person ordered the remote control car, opened the packet and turned out to be Parle-G biscuit, said – now tea will have to be made

The company started the process of refund by apologizing for this mistake.

The company started the process of refund by apologizing for this mistake.

Had ordered a remote control car for his child from the legendary e-commerce site Amazon India, but he was surprised when he found a packet of Parle-G biscuits and not the car in the delivered box. This incident is from Bhagwan Nagar Ashram area of ​​Delhi on Monday.

New Delhi. While online shopping has its advantages, many times it also has to suffer its disadvantages. Order something, it comes something else. Something similar happened in Delhi, the capital of the country, where a similar incident was seen. Here One Personal has giants ecommerce site Amazon India from for your child remote control car of order gave was, but She then astonished stay Gone when Not the car in the box delivered to him but parleg biscuits (Speaks-G cookie) of One a packet met. this Event Monday To Delhi of God Town Hermitage the areas of is. Times Now of according to Vikram buragohain has Facebook On his Information giving happened said that him Ours Amazon order In parleg Biscuit of One a packet met is. Vikram has parleg package of Photo share Do happened written, when you amazon India from that order did was his exchange parleg Biscuit mill goHa ha ha ha. Now Tea to make Will have.

The company apologized and started the refund process

person has ecommerce site from children of for remote control car order of was. but when delivery He Came so She this After seeing astonished stay went that this Shape In small is. when He a packet opened, so They had got that in that remote control car of Instead parleg Biscuit of One a packet was. Vikram has said that They Product of wrong delivery of about In ecommerce platform from complaint of And Told that company has refund process start Tax given is And its for Forgiveness sought is.

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social Media On people fiercely fun take are Huh

This sentence was also shared by the person on social media, after which people are enjoying this incident fiercely. One user has comment tighten happened said that They Think Will happen that these so someone child hee Will happen so parleg from work walked took. One other has fun take happened said that Less from Less this Brick so No is. One has written Biscuit eat Now. tell me give that condition hee In One person has Online Website from One Phone order did And a packet opened so stone Out.

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