This fault often happens in the bike! Mechanic takes free money to fix it, know how to solve the problem by yourself

New Delhi. The largest number of bikes are sold in the two-wheeler segment in the country. In which the bikes of Hero Motocorp and Bajaj are sold the most. At the same time, TVS’s bikes sell at number three and number four. Talking about the sports and adventure segment, the bikes of Royal Enfield and Jawa are the most liked bikes in the country. But all these bikes share one minor defect. To fix it, any mechanic charges an arbitrary price. In such a situation, you should know how to fix minor problems in bikes. So that you can save money unnecessarily. Let’s know about it..

Every bike has this common problem – The bikes should drive a roach at least 5 km. If you do not use your bike much. So the plug of your bike can often be a problem. Because of which your bike will not start and you will have to push it. On the other hand, if you take the bike to a mechanic to get it repaired. So they demand arbitrary money to fix it. So you should come to fix it by yourself.

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How to fix yourself Getting carb in the plug of the bike is a normal problem. If you know, you can fix it yourself. For this you must have some tools. So that you can easily open the plug and after that you can clean the carb in the plug of the bike and fit it again. After this you will start the bike. So your bike will start smoothly.

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Some important tips to keep the bike fine- There are some small important tips to keep the bike always fine. In which you should drive your bike at least 5 km daily. At the same time, washing the bike should also be done from time to time. Due to which your bike will be safe from the rust caused by dirt.

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