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It is the month of June and at this time it is difficult to live due to the scorching sun and scorching heat. These days due to the increased temperature, people are breathing a sigh of relief by running coolers in their homes. But many times when the cooler gets old, its air does not remain as cool. In such a situation, people start thinking of buying a new cooler. But if your old cooler starts giving cold air then why think about bringing a new one. Actually, due to not using the cooler properly, many times it does not give cold air. In such a situation, with the help of some tips, you can overcome this problem and your old cooler will also give cold air.

protect from the sun
Before placing the cooler anywhere in the house, keep in mind that your cooler is kept in a place where it cannot come in contact with direct sunlight. That is, sunlight should not come on your cooler. Actually, it gets heated by the sun and gives hot air, but if the sun does not come on it, then it will remain cold and thus will keep giving cold air. So either keep it in the shade or cover the cooler on it with a thick cloth or sheet. This will keep it cool.

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Keep cooler in such a place
The cooler should be kept in such a place where there is open air. Keep it in an open, large place or on the window of the room. By keeping it in an open place, it will give cool air. It is necessary to keep the cooler in an open place, so that the cool air keeps coming.

keep windows open
Do not keep the cooler even by closing the room completely. Even this does not give cold air. Many times people lock their rooms from all sides. Due to this, where there is humidity despite running the cooler, the air of the room cannot go out. There will be proper ventilation in your room, only then the cooler air will also remain cool. For this, keep the windows, skylights etc. of your room open.

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Clean and replace grass
Keep cleaning your cooler from time to time. At the same time, change the grass in its mesh as well. Sometimes, due to its prolonged use, dust accumulates on it. Because of this the air passage is blocked. In such a situation, along with cleaning the cooler, change its grass as well.

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