After 40 years, Amitabh Bachchan revealed a secret of the film ‘Naseeb’, post viral

New Delhi. hero of the century Amitabh Bachchan He is very active on social networking site Instagram and keeps on posting a new post every day for his fans. He is seen sharing some interesting things related to his old films for the last several days. In this episode, he has opened a secret of his film ‘Naseeb’ released in the year 1981 on Wednesday.

While posting a post on his Instagram, he told about a climax scene of the film ‘Naseeb’. He said, ‘Matador and Gun.. The climax scene of the film Naseeb was shot in a rotating restaurant. Action scenes, drama, all this was filmed in a roaming restaurant. A set was made and rotated at Chandivali studio. Only the great Manmohan Desai can think of all this and succeed and we are talking about 80’s, where there were no VFX and nothing CG. Those were the days my friend.

Instagram amitabhbachchan

Let me tell you, Amitabh Bachchan will soon be seen in the film ‘Chehre’ with actor Emraan Hashmi. Recently, the producer of the film has announced to release it in theatres. Fans have become quite thrilled with the announcement of the release of the film. Recently, producer Anand Pandit gave a statement regarding the release of the film. He had said, ‘The show should go on. It is necessary for entertainment as well as for the survival of the film industry. The effect of the second wave of the corona epidemic has subsided. Soon things will be back as before. Theaters will open again and a large number of people will reach there.

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