companies will launch new electric scooters, will get great driving range at low cost– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Petrol prices in the country are increasing day by day. In such a situation, automakers are offering electric vehicles for customers, in which start-up companies are also participating. The electric two wheelers offered by the companies are also being well liked by the people. These electric two wheelers provide the best driving range at a low cost. Vehicle manufacturers Hero and Honda are going to launch their new electric scooters, which will cost up to 5 times less than petrol to use.

VIVA Electric Scooters – According to a media report, a partnership has been announced between Hero MotoCorp and Gogoro Company. Under which an electric scooter will be offered to the customers, which can be named VIVA. The company can launch this electric scooter at the end of the year 2022.

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Gogoro will have battery swapping network Gogoro is a Taiwanese company that provides battery-swapping and smart mobility solutions. Hero company will manufacture its electric scooter using Gogoro’s battery swap platform.

driving range – The Gogoro company has filed a trademark for the upcoming new electric scooter VIVA, and has also got its patent for India. The Gogoro company will use a battery pack under the seat of the VIVA electric scooter, which can be replaced with another battery immediately upon discharge. According to the information, the VIVA scooter will be able to give a driving range of up to 85 km.

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Honda’s electric scooter Benly-E – Honda is also preparing to launch its electric scooter Benly-E for the customers. This electric scooter was recently spotted during testing. The company has not yet presented any information regarding the launch of this scooter.

Driving Range of Benly-E – The company will offer its new electric scooter Benly-E with two different motor options. The company has used an electric motor of 2.8 kW capacity in the Benly e I and I Pro electric scooters, which generates torque of 13 Nm. This scooter gives a driving range of up to 87 kms when driven at a speed of 30 kms. On the other hand, in Benly e II and II Pro, the company has used an electric motor of 4.2 kW capacity, which generates torque of 15 Nm. The scooter offers a driving range of up to 43 kms when driven at a speed of 60 kms.

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