Cryptocurrency Price Today: Decline in Cryptocurrency, Good Opportunity to Invest, Check Here

New Delhi: Today is a good chance to invest and earn money in the cryptocurrency market. You can earn huge profits by investing money in these coins. You can invest money in the continuous decline in bitcoin price. You can buy at lower levels and sell it at higher levels. Talking about the market cap, it is $ 1.34 trillion today, which is 2.53 percent more than the previous day. Apart from this, the total crypto market volume has been $ 148.92 billion in the last 24 hours, which is 9.37 percent higher.

Apart from this, if we talk about the volume of coins, it is $ 120 billion, which is 80.71 percent of the total crypto market in 24 hours. Bitcoin is currently trading at $33,710.72 on CoinDesk. It has an increase of 2.97 percent at this time. The market cap of bitcoin cryptocurrency at this rate is $631.74 billion. Let us tell you that the all-time high price of bitcoin cryptocurrency has been $ 64,829.14.

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At what rates is Ethereum trading?
Apart from this, if we talk about Ethereum, then it is currently trading at $ 2,000.54. The market cap of the Ethereum cryptocurrency is $232.86 billion. The all-time high price of the Ethereum cryptocurrency is $4,382.73.

Dogecoin is up
Talking about Dogecoin, it is currently running at $ 0.211949 on CoinDesk. In this, an increase of 3.41 percent is being seen at this time. Dogecoin has given a return of 4,454.11 percent in the last one year. The all-time high price of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency is at $0.740796.

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