Good news for HDFC Life policyholders company would give bonus of Rs 2180 crore achs– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. HDFC Life Insurance Limited, one of the country’s largest private life insurance companies, has announced a bonus of Rs 2180 crore for the policyholders of its participating plans. The company said that this year it has been decided to give 44 percent more bonus than last year. 15.49 lakh policyholders of the company will get the benefit of this bonus. Explain that out of the bonus of Rs 2180 crore, Rs 1438 crore will be available as a bonus or cash bonus for the policy maturing this year. The remaining bonus will be available on maturity, death or surrender of the policy.

Who will not get the benefit of bonus
Vibha Padalkar, CEO, HDFC Life said that we are happy to announce the bonus for policyholders. Let us tell you that HDFC Life Insurance Company is a subsidiary of HDFC Bank, which was established in the year 2000. Not all policyholders of HDFC Life will get the benefit of this bonus. Its benefit will be available only to the insured of the policy participating in the profit. Also, Unit Linked Insurance Plans (ULIPS) will not get the benefit of this, as they are market linked plans.

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Who will get the benefit of this bonus
Policyholders of endowment and money back plans who opt for participating in profit will get this bonus. Policyholders taking HDFC Money Back Plan will also get the benefit of the bonus. Apart from this, policyholders of HDFC Children Plan, HDFC Endowment Assurance with HDFC Savings Assurance Plan and HDFC Assurance Plan will also get bonus.

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