How right, how wrong is to apply kajal in the eyes of the child? Learn parenting tips do you know is it safe or not to apply kajal to newborn eyes– News18

Is It Safe To Apply Kajal To Newborn Eyes: In most of the families of India, when the children (Newborn) are born, they are vaccinated with Kajal to protect them from evil eyes. But the discussion about whether it is right or wrong to apply kajal in the soft eyes of children has always been fierce. Although paediatricians do not recommend it at all, but in the name of beliefs in many homes, mothers still apply kajal in the soft eyes of the little ones. The belief behind this is that by applying kajal, the child does not see and the eyes are enlarged. While doctors say that applying kajal in children’s eyes can be harmful for the baby.

can act like poison

Healthline According to a research, it has come to the fore that it can also act like a poison for the health of children. According to research, babies have higher gut options and their nervous system is still in the process of development. In such a situation, the lead present in the mascara can act like poison.

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That’s why kajal should not be applied in the eyes of children

Actually, a lot of lead is used to make kajal, which is very harmful for health. It also badly affects the kidney, brain, bone marrow and other organs of the body. Let us tell you that if the level of lead in the blood increases, then a person can go into a coma and can even die. In such a situation, if this harmful lead comes in contact with the body of a rapidly developing baby, then it can definitely become a danger.

any type of kajal is not safe

In some homes, home-made kajal is applied to children and it is said to be natural, but let us tell you that even homemade kajal is not safe. The carbon present in it can be harmful to children’s eyes. At the same time, kajal is applied with the finger on the eyes of the baby, which also increases the risk of infection in their eyes.

myth and truth

It is believed that if kajal is applied on the eyes of the child daily, then his eyes and eyelashes will be bigger which is absolutely irrational.

It is said that by applying kajal, children sleep for a long time, whereas no such research has come to the fore so far. Even without this, children sleep for 18 to 19 hours daily.
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As far as home-made kajal is concerned, the carbon present in it can be harmful to children’s eyes. Apart from this, due to applying it with the finger, it can also cause infection in the eye.

By applying kajal, the child is protected from the evil eye, while there is no scientific basis for this.

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