If you eat corn flakes daily, then know what can be the harm

The trend of consuming corn flakes in the morning breakfast has increased a lot. Especially those people who are focusing on reducing weight have started including it in their breakfast every day. So some people like to eat it for taste also. Seeing the variety of tempting advertisements related to corn flakes, people think that it is a very beneficial and healthy snack for health, which cannot harm health in any way. while mensxp According to a news published in this, many types of damage can also happen to the body by eating it. Let’s know about it.

Its glycemic index is high

Consuming corn flakes daily keeps the risk of developing diabetes because its glycemic index is high. Actually glycemic index is the measure by which it is found that in how much quantity and how fast of any food item in the blood. Sugar can increase the level. The glycemic index of corn flakes is 81+6 or 81-6. This means that it can be 80 to 6 points more and it can also be 6 points less. Actually, the glycemic index is calculated out of 100, according to which 55 or less is considered better and 56 to 69 glycemic index is kept in the medium category. Along with this, food items with a glycemic index above 70 are kept in the high glycemic index category.

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There is zero nutrition value

Even if you consume corn flakes for better health and weight loss. But let us also tell you that the nutritional value of corn flakes is zero. Consuming more corn flakes daily can increase your weight instead of reducing it. Because due to its consumption, blank calories are going into the body. In fact, one cup of corn flakes contains about 101 calories, 24 grams of carbohydrates and 266 milligrams of sodium. Along with this, many ingredients like corn syrup and vegetable oil are also mixed in it, which harm instead of benefiting health.

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Corn Syrup and Sweetener

Consuming corn flakes keeps the risk of increasing both weight and blood sugar. Actually corn flakes are not as tasty as they seem. It goes through many processes to make it tasty. To make corn flakes tasty, sodium is heated and corn syrup and sweetener are also added to it. This is done because its original test is similar to that of raw oats or any cereal which is not good to eat at all.

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