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aNagiomarca Seminars-It is indeed an act of courage to bring the development debates in the seminars to cinema! The recent release ‘Lion’ brings us to the reverse of development. That too when the balloon named Vikas is flourishing and a large section is in utter confusion over it. He does not know that there is another dark side to the development with which he is making mistakes. How heavy is the cost of development and who end up sacrificing it, it is not possible to come forward.

Adorned with excellent performances by star actress Vidya Balan and other actors, this film also puts forward the deep-rooted gender discrimination in Indian society. At the same time, it raises the question that even if a woman becomes strong to the extent of a lioness, she still has to be a victim of neglectful behavior. Therefore, this film is not only a question of environment and development, it also works to bring out the standards of human development.

The lioness does not serve drama, it is closer to reality, it cannot be called a documentary, it is neither a pure art film nor does it seem to be made from a commercial point of view. This is a unique example of a mixture of all these three genres and can also be termed as a new type of cinema from the point of view of production, in which there is a mixture of these three methods.

Real conditions of villages adjacent to forestsThe film brings to the fore the real situation of the villages adjoining the forests. Here a lioness (actually a tigress) becomes a man eater, she kills some animals and humans. This lioness is said to be cunning in the film, (although it cannot be cunning to protect herself and her cubs.) Even after all the measures of the forest department, she is not caught and when there is a chance to catch her, then politics Comes in the middle.

Since the leaders have to smelt their own pulses in the elections, they want to let the terror of the lioness in these villages persist. Other leaders want him to be the messiah of the people by getting him killed at the hands of hunters. On the other hand, there is a corrupt attitude of the Forest Department going on for years, in which there is an honest officer by mistake, who wants to see the rules and laws on the ground not on paper. His sympathy goes to those affected also, from the forest and also to the animal.

The country’s forests are full of wealth, mineral deposits, coal, animals, but man has assumed that the forest belongs to them, this entire wealth belongs to them and only they have the right on it. That is why in the last hundred and fifty years it has been exploited indiscriminately. Animals have suffered the most and those animals along with those humans who have lived with the concept of symbiosis with nature.

The effect of this has been that the area of ​​the forest has become smaller, the life of animals and humans living with nature has become difficult, when the bird named Vikas comes, these local communities are considered as their enemies. The film brings to the fore the question of whether their rights over the forest are taken away. And finally there is a character who considers the death of the lioness to be the solution to the problem, and hunting as much as possible is his pastime. The system also supports the concept of killing this killer more, because that is the easiest way.

From here the British had paved the way for exploitation
This film is made in Madhya Pradesh. By opening the first office of the Forest Department in Pachmarhi, MP, the British had paved the way for the exploitation of forests through law. That building called Bison Lodge still exists today. Even after the departure of the British, the laws have remained more or less the same, and even today a lot of wealth is being encroached day and night in a legal and illegal manner. The film depicts the copper mines of Balaghat, which have become a deep ditch for the lioness to go to a safe place.

I also got a chance to go to those mines. The question is not only about the wild animals shown in the film, what kind of problems it creates in the surrounding villages, I have seen it with my own eyes, how the desert becomes between the forests, I have also seen it there but When you question this, you run the risk of being labeled anti-development. But is it ever honestly thought that in return for the environmental and local people who have done in these development projects, did they really get a better life. Experience is not good.

Today, when there is a protest against the cutting of another big forest for diamond mining in Madhya Pradesh, it is also because of this that the belief has not been created in the minds of the people that double-fourfold the amount that will be cut. will also be given. If thousands of years old trees are cut down and compensated with Kaner saplings, then how will it be justice. Residents will be devastated and settled on Mangal Grih-like lands, as we had seen in the city of Harsud, so how could there be no protest.

Experience tells the same story so far, all the development projects that have been made in the country have not been able to create a better model of the people affected by those projects, there is no euphoria of happiness anywhere on the part of the sacrificers and when The circumstances are so bad, then why do not we then change the model of development, which threatens human beings and lioness too.

The desire to escape and be saved from this danger awakens in everyone’s mind. The spirit of every person is attached to nature, so everyone wants that the life of the lioness should be saved, the life of the forest should be saved, something amazing should happen, but this film does not create any drama for those who like it. She points out that there is indeed an injustice on this front. Seeing the film, if you really want to save the life of the lioness and the forest, then the society will have to show courage for this.
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