Still more waiting for school, Education Minister Arvind Pandey clarified the situation, parents are telling their problems – News18

Dehradun. Schools are not going to open in Uttarakhand recently. Education Minister Arvind Pandey has made it clear that the situation will have to wait for normalcy. For this, there will be a brainstorming in the cabinet and the decision will be taken only after when the schools are to be opened. In such a situation, the tension of the parents increased that how to keep the children busy at home after the online class.

Education Minister Arvind Pandey has made it clear that there is a danger to the children in the third wave. In such a situation, the government is still doing more brainstorming before opening the school. 30-year-old Deepmala tells that she has 2 children and she has to go to office too. In such a situation, it is difficult to leave the children at home alone. The same situation is in front of most of the parents these days that for one and a half years, the laziness is being felt more in the children by staying at home. They do not understand how to keep the children busy at home.

Without sports activities, children are unable to understand how to stay physically fit. If the schools remain open, then all the work is done on the scheduled basis. By getting up on time and going to school and participating in activities, the confidence of the children would have increased, but for the last one and a half years this is not happening. Now parents are finding it difficult to tackle their children at home without physical activity. In such a situation, everyone is wishing that the danger of corona is averted and schools should open soon.

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