VIDEO came out with the announcement of ‘krrish 4’, Hrithik Roshan is about to make a big bang

New Delhi. When you think of Indian superheroes, the first name that comes to mind is Hrithik Roshan, who brought ‘Krrish’ to life on the big screen. The Krrish franchise is undoubtedly the country’s most loved and successful superhero franchise and sets a benchmark for everything India has to offer within the popular genre.

Hrithik has released a short video on his Instagram account to mark 15 years of this superhero classic, in which ‘Krrish’ can be seen flying his legendary mask in the air. He captioned it and wrote, ‘Gone is the past. Let’s see what the future brings. #Krrish4 #15yearsofkrrish.’ Krish had global significance, was a trendsetter and has set many firsts in Indian cinema, from paving the way for visual effects in the country to being the first film to be shot at unexplored locations.

Today as the film celebrates 15 years, we remember how Hrithik Roshan’s larger than life character is an expression of the superhero in all of us. It is no surprise that no Indian superhero character has received as much love as Krish, which has evolved over the years and captures the essence of every generation, while everyone is eagerly waiting for the next installment. Hrithik Roshan hinted on his social media platform that Krrish 4 is definitely in the pipeline.

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