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Vandana Grover has been active in the field of Hindi literature for many years. Your poetry is recited from different forums of the country. Your poems are very popular not only in Hindi but in many languages ​​including Punjabi and Marathi. Here are some selected poems of Vandana Grover-

-Rah Takte Towns-

Many dreams live in a town everyday
Many towns die in one capital everyday
When the capital passes through the city
Every day some pieces ride in the capital of the town
The capital takes hold from Girebaan
the unfulfilled wishes of the town
Ever since the capital has entered in dreams
Dreams are running at the speed of the capital
There is a loneliness in the capital
A crowd is alone in the capital
all efforts to live
can’t stop you from dying
In the capital you live at your own pace
capital kills you at its own pace
Towns keep on tilling the way
The chain of mourning continues..

Violence happens in silence

Violence is caused by cannons, by bombs.
Violence happens with guns, with swords
Violence happens with sticks, with sticks
Violence is caused by kicks, by bribes
Violence happens by slogans, by gestures
Violence comes from promises, assurances
Violence is caused by news, by rumours
Violence is caused by sounds, by blasts
Violence happens even in silence.

-Waiting for mother’s return home-

teenage daughters
get to know
when mother is
in love
yet she does
broken love
from mother
like a mother
takes hold in arms
sleep near you
engulfs their tears
give up your happiness
no question
does not stand
relationships in jeopardy
struggle alone
cry alone
Waiting for mother’s return home

-and drank Hasrat-

jump on the bike
legs hanging on both sides
was about to sit
we were talking for a long time
and then i noticed
you were all men
wanted to talk a lot
seeing clouds of smoke
swam fingers
put hand in pocket
pulled out
the grip had loosened
coming down the road
had a little laugh
There was a paan shop in front
chewed that laugh
Surroor was falling in the eyes
was intoxicated
only a few eyes
the intoxication vanished
drank another laugh
sit on the balcony
go out at night
laugh with one eye closed
spitting from the pitch
climb two steps
make a mess
shake hands with it
the laughs weren’t big
came to be that woman
he was not like me
where was something like me too
then inside me
a change took a turn
and changed me
the whole
a wave of change
and mother
inside it
he became like me
the whole
distance between
then remained the same

-fucked a lot-

laughed too much
Was social, was a worker,
was popular, was sensitive

He had some misunderstandings too
was not in love
(was deeply cruel)
there were good things too
(did not write poetry)
did not consider men lustful
(the frost that didn’t fall)
used to abuse
(according to the occasion and custom)
used to scuffle
(if you like)
didn’t mind screaming
(was so shy)

It was this
not dead yet
In the process of dying…

Vandana Grover

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