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Rainy season has started. In this season, where rain showers soak the body and make the mind feel good, fashion and style have to be compromised due to getting drenched in it and clothes getting dirty. But whatever the season, it is important to look fashionable and comfortable with your clothes and make you look different, beautiful. In such a situation, the choice of clothes should be done carefully even during the rainy days. Clothes should be such that they feel comfortable for the body and they should give comfort to the body in humid weather. In such a situation, what kind of clothes will enhance the beauty of your body in monsoon and will also bring you comfort, know-

give importance to cotton
Wearing cotton clothes in the rainy season will give you more comfort. At the same time, keep a distance from synthetic clothes. However, in this season you can also choose clothes with floral prints. It looks very nice to see.

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Can wear nylon fabric
Apart from cotton, you can also wear nylon fabric clothes during the rainy season. These are comfortable. At the same time, they also dry quickly when they get wet with water.

Avoid wearing skin tight clothes
Even in the rainy season, boys and girls are often seen wearing skin fitting clothes. They should be avoided during this season. It becomes difficult to take them off when wet. At the same time, when they are in such fittings, they also feel hot.

everyone will like bright colors
In the rainy season, you can give importance to bright colored clothes. At this time you can choose blue, red, pink, yellow and other such colors. At the same time, avoid wearing white clothes in this season. After getting wet, it does not look good, while stains also appear on them quickly, which are not easy to get rid of.

Use scarves or stoles
If you wear salwar and patiala in rainy season then you can wear leggings or churidar pajama with short kurti. On the other hand, if there is a problem in handling long and wide dupattas, then you can use scarves or stalls.

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wear what makes you feel comfortable
Most of the youth prefer to wear jeans. In this they feel comfortable. But in the rainy season, the jeans become very heavy after getting wet and this will make you feel uncomfortable. So don’t wear it in this season.

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