Amul milk price hike 2 rupees per liter new rates will be applicable from 1 July 2021 varpat– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. While the common man is troubled by the rising prices of petrol-diesel and edible oils, now the common man has got another setback from the milk company. Amul has increased the price of milk (Milk Price hike). The price of Amul Milk has increased by Rs 2 per liter. This increased milk prices will be implemented from tomorrow i.e. July 1, 2021.

Know what will be the prices?
According to the information received by News18, the new prices of Amul milk will be applicable in many states including the country’s capital Delhi, Gujarat and Punjab. The company has increased all its brands by Rs 2 per liter. With this, now Amul Gold will be available at Rs 58 per liter.

This news has immediately come to News18.Hindi, it is being updated…

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