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It is said that children start doing what they are taught. Children learn a lot from the environment around them. When children learn something bad or start saying something bad, parents resort to physical punishment at that time. But a research has revealed that physical punishment like beating can worsen the behavior of children. Beating them does not improve them, but they can turn violent. This has been claimed in a study report published in the British medical magazine ‘The Lancet’. The study was conducted in 69 countries, including the US, Canada, China, Japan, and the UK.

Elisabeth Gershaf, senior author of the study, said – Physical punishment hinders the development and well-being of children. It is a misconception that children will improve by spanking. This can make him worse. Clear evidence of this has been found in the study. According to Elizabeth, beatings or other corporal punishments have been included in the study. Parents believe that corporal punishment will discipline children. These include hitting the child with an object, hitting the face, head or ear, slapping, throwing an object at the child, hitting the child with a fist, punch or foot. Apart from these, it also includes forcibly washing the child’s mouth with soap, scorching and threatening with a knife or gun.

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Studies show that physical punishment tends to loosen up children. He also often starts doing false and artificial things. Apart from this, children also become aggressive. In schools, they also start behaving promiscuously and anti-social behavior. Studies have shown that children who receive physical punishment do not develop cognitive skills. As physical punishment increases, children’s behavior worsens. The feeling of anger and vengeance increases in children. He starts committing serious violence. Let us tell you that the United Nations said in the 2006 Convention that it is committed to protect children from corporal punishment.

It is illegal to give physical punishment to children in 62 countries of the world.
According to the Global Partnership to End Violence Against Children, corporal punishment is illegal in 62 countries of the world. At the same time, 27 countries are committed to stop corporal punishment of children. 31 countries still allow children to be whipped or caned for crimes. UNICEF’s 2017 report states that 250 million children between the ages of two and four live in countries where disciplined beating is considered legal.

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