Isabgol is useful for removing not one but many problems, know its benefits

You must have heard about Isabgol many times. You must have also consumed it if there is a problem of stomach ache and loose motion. But do you know that isabgol not only helps in correcting abdominal pain-twitching and motion, but it also helps in reducing many other problems of the body. Let us know that isabgol is beneficial in removing some problems.

beneficial in constipation

Isabgol helps in relieving the problem of constipation. For this, you can take a spoonful of Isabgol with warm water or warm milk before sleeping at night. If you want, you can also consume Triphala powder and Isabgol by mixing equal amounts.

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relieve toothache

Soak one spoon isabgol in two spoons of vinegar and keep it for two minutes. Mix it well and keep it under the teeth. By doing this one gets relief from the problem of toothache.

beneficial in piles

Sometimes, due to the problem of piles, blood also starts coming. To overcome this problem, isabgol syrup can be made and drunk. This stops the problem of blood flow.

aids in dysentery

Isabgol helps a lot in removing dysentery and bloody dysentery. For this, mixing two spoons of Isabgol with two spoons of curd can be consumed. It can be consumed two to three times a day for better results.

Helpful in proper digestion

It is also helpful in keeping digestion right. It is a good source of fiber. Isabgol absorbs about fourteen times more water than its own weight. Along with this, it also helps in melting fat, which also reduces weight.

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Useful in cold, cough and dry cough

You can take isabgol to get relief from cold and dry cough. When you have a cold, you can make a decoction of Isabgol and consume it. This will help you get rid of cough as well as cold. It will also help in curing dry cough.

give relief from ear pain

You can use isabgol even if there is a pain in the ear. For this, you make a solution of ten grams of Isabgol and mix ten ml in it. Mix onion juice. Putting this mixture in the ear stops the pain.(Disclaimer: this Article In given gone information And Notifications Normal beliefs On based Huh. Not news18 their Confirmation No does is. In On Execution to do from first Related specialist from Contact do.)

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