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Home Remedies For Removing Tan : Summer is at its peak right now. In the scorching heat, people use sunglasses, scarves or caps to avoid strong sunlight, but despite this, many parts of the skin get burnt due to exposure to sunlight. It is very common to have tanning on the hands, which look very ugly in appearance. The tanning caused by the sun lasts for months on the skin and no product is effective in removing them immediately. If chemical-containing products available in the market are used on these, then many times its side effects are seen and other problems start on the skin in the process of removing tanning. In such a situation, with the help of home remedies, you can get rid of them. So let us know what things we can use to remove tanning of hands and face. Not only this, other skin problems can also be overcome by using them.


The lycopene antioxidant present in tomatoes protects the skin from damage caused by the sun’s rays. It also contains a high amount of Vitamin C which helps in making the skin healthy. In such a situation, extract the juice of a tomato and apply it in the tanning area. Wash off after 15 minutes. Do this for a week.
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2. Yogurt

Yogurt contains lactic acid which is a great bleaching agent. It helps in rejuvenating the skin. To remove tanning, apply a spoonful of curd to the affected area and let it dry. Wash off with water after sometime. You can do this everyday.


Lemon is a natural bleaching agent. In such a situation, squeeze a lemon and rub a few drops of it on your feet and hands. Wash off with normal water after 15 minutes. This will help in removing tanning.
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4. Cucumber

Cucumber contains natural astringent. Vitamin A present in it helps in controlling the melanin production of the skin. In such a situation, grate a cucumber and leave its juice on the affected area. Wash off after 15 minutes. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the concerned expert before implementing them.

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