Uttarakhand News: Holidays over, education will start again in schools from tomorrow, classes will be online

Dehradun. Once again the education of school children is going to start. Summer vacations are going to end on June 30 in almost all schools and online classes for children will start from July 1. However, in view of the corona infection, students will not be called to school yet. According to the Education Department, in view of the third wave of Kovid, schools will not remain in offline mode for the time being, but the emphasis will be on online classes so that the education of the children is not affected. Regarding the opening of the school, an order has also been issued on Wednesday. At the same time, Education Secretary Meenakshi Sundaram said that like the students, no decision has been taken about when the teachers will be called to school. The Education Department has neither taken any decision nor is there any such preparation regarding calling the students or teachers to the school.

Regarding when the schools will start on offline mode, the Education Minister had already said that some decision can be taken only after the cabinet meeting whether children should be called to school or not. He had said that the cases of Kovid are less these days but the fear of third wave is being expressed on the children only, in such a situation it is not possible to open the school.

At the same time, he said that at present, there has not even been any consideration regarding calling the teachers to the school and its decision will also be taken later. He said that our priority is to keep people safe. Efforts will be made to make up for some of the loss of children’s education which has happened in this time through online education. But in the third wave of Corona, keeping children safe is the first task and due to this schools are not being opened at present.

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