after india now russia tightening on twitter putin signs new it law

Moscow. Micro blogging platform Twitter is having bad days these days. After losing legal protection in India, now Russia has also started tightening its noose. Russian President Vladimir Putin has signed a new strict IT law. Under this law, all social media platforms including Twitter, Google and IT companies will have to open their offices in Russia.

This has been said in a document released by the Russian government on Thursday. This step of the Putin government is being considered as a step taken to strengthen the hold on all the IT companies including Google. Recently Russia declared some content illegal and imposed heavy fines on companies that did not delete it.

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A new case against Google
Along with this, Russia has started a new case against Google, in which it is accused of violating the provisions of the Personal Data Bill. At present, no comment has been made by Google regarding this action of Russia.

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What are the IT rules in India?
In India too, the central government has implemented new IT rules from 26 May. Due to non-implementation, the legal immunity of Twitter has ended. In such a situation, he will also be held responsible for any objectionable material shared on his platform and a case may also be filed against him. Till now there have been 4 FIRs against Twitter in India including UP and Delhi.

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