Agri Tips: In these 7 top ways you can also increase the production of your crop, know everything

New Delhi. Everyone wants fresh vegetables, fruits in the Corona period. Then if it is self-grown, then the matter is different. If you also have a little land, then you can cultivate and produce them yourself. Not only this, bumper production of the crop can be achieved.

For News18, SK Chaudhry, Founder Director of Safex, explains how to increase crop production, according to him, the best ways for every farmer to increase the yield of his crop by using new techniques and farming methods. Learning the methods is very important. Let us know from them seven best ways to improve crop yield…
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Prepare your seeds before sowing
It is necessary to prepare the seeds before sowing. To understand this, take the example of peanuts. Before seed preparation for planting, spraying of Thiamethoxam 30 FS (Shinestar Plus) is recommended so that the seeds are coated (caution with cover). It helps the plant to grow stronger and better absorb nutrition from the soil. It serves as an effective vaccine against the threats faced by the plant during the germination and early growth phase. By using such products, one can be assured to harvest a high quality crop which will require relatively low cost at the advanced stage.
A balanced diet of micronutrients is essential
While using DAP to provide nutrition to crops, it is necessary that we should also remember the various micronutrients which are required in small quantities and are extremely important to get a good crop. These micronutrients mainly contain zinc, boron etc. and they fertilize the soil. Apart from providing these essential micronutrients, we should also be clear about the various nutritional products beneficial. As per the research Zinc 12% (Nectar Zinc) as compared to Zinc 33% is a high-grade product as it does not react with other products like DAP. Furthermore, nectar zinc is required in very small amounts and essentially zinc is absorbed at a much faster rate than 33%. Hence, it is important to be careful so as to use the right product and the right nutrition.
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Strong roots form the basis for a better crop
Gibberellic acid is good for helping crops develop a strong root system. A strong root system is extremely important for the plant as it helps the roots absorb nutrients more efficiently and increases overall crop vigor. Adoption of these high-grade products in agricultural practices is justified as they lead to faster germination and stronger crop which stands firm against diseases. It also helps in increasing the number of flowers and hence increases the number of crops. It is paramount to consider that it is possible to improve crop yield during the early stages of plant development. It is not possible to improve crop yield and increase manifold in later stages. You can use certified products containing gibberellic acid such as Great Expert by Safex which can work wonders for increasing the yield of the crop.
pest management
Regular monitoring of common sites for pest detection is recommended if epidemics and pest attacks are to be controlled. Vigilance is extremely necessary in such stages. You can visit the website of Safex, a leading Indian agro-chemical enterprise, to get information on these topics. It is also necessary to customize each quality product only in the recommended quantity. It is important to follow the instructions till the last word to get satisfactory results. Remember the age-old farming adage – early control is always better than late measures.
seek expert advice
If you are feeling confused, it is best to get in touch with certified experts in the field of agriculture who can help you clear your doubts. These experts can provide valuable advice on a range of farming-related issues such as mysterious plant diseases or unknown crop pests that can put your farm at risk. You can contact these highly educated and skilled experts who are knowledgeable about all the problems related to the field of agriculture. To get help and valuable guidance at such times, you can contact Safex Helpline and free yourself from all the troubles related to farming.
Crop rotation is the key
The importance of crop rotation is immense. It helps in breathing new life by rejuvenating the soil and removing the extra pressure that comes with growing the same crop obsessively. It is important to note that while some crops absorb nutrients from the soil, there are other crops that add them. Therefore, it is imperative to balance both the aspects to create a nutrient-rich soil-bed for the cultivation of various crops. It helps in systematically nourishing the soil which in turn facilitates higher crop yield.
efficiency enhancing agents
The ability to spread in water is limited and the drug is sprayed only on certain parts of the leaf. Safex experts advise farmers to use the best in wetting and dispersing agents like Velvet to increase the effectiveness of the spray. Using such a product reduces the surface tension of water and thus increases its diffusion rate by an impressive 10 times. Therefore, it is now possible to ensure very high permeability that spreads throughout the leaf with the same amount of drug. This continuous epidermal layering of the drug protects the plant from various types of pests, making it less effort on the part of the farmer and more cost effective.

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