allotted 500 crore dumped in uttarakhand districts plan how development suffered

Dehradun. Billions of rupees in the name of development in the state have not been released from the captivity of the departments! Yes, that amount of five hundred crore rupees was lying idle with the district officials, which was to be released in April and May under the district plan so that development work could be done. But if the departments did not bother to release it, say slow pace or ignore, then the development work was affected on a large scale. This money is released under the district plan for small and big developments from roads to health facilities, which could not be used at all.

Like the state plan, the district plan works in the districts. This year a plan of Rs 700 crore was approved for all the districts of the state. Five hundred crore rupees were released to the districts as the first installment at the beginning of the financial year itself. That too in the pre-monsoon period, works like roads, electricity, water, bridges, pedestrian paths should have been carried out in the villages, but many districts lagged behind in getting development work done with this amount.

How was the report card of which district?
In districts like Almora, Bageshwar, Haridwar, despite the passage of two months, not a single rupee was given to the departments. Pauri, Chamoli and Udham Singh Nagar also proved to be laggy, three in Pauri, five in Chamoli and only eight per cent in US Nagar were released to the departments. However, Uttarkashi, Rudraprayag, Pithoragarh and Champawat districts also performed better. However, the poor performance of most of the districts derailed the vehicle of development. The condition is that despite having five hundred crores in the account, only 10 crores could be spent in two months. As a result, the development works that were to be done, they remained cipher.

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In-charge Minister Dhan Singh Rawat expressed his displeasure over the lag behind the development works.

What was the reason behind the backwardness of the districts?
Actually, the development plans for the district plan are selected by the district planning committees under the chairmanship of the minister-in-charge. But, this time due to Kovid in Uttarakhand, district planning committees were not formed. In such a situation, the DM and the in-charge minister were given the right to select the schemes and release funds for them. But, the minister in charge could not even visit the districts. As a result neither the schemes were selected nor the money was released.

What are you saying responsible?
What do the in-charge ministers, concerned officers and responsibilities have to say about this, watch it in a row.

1. This was not to happen, it is a matter of displeasure that all development works are pending. — Dhan Singh Rawat, District Panchayat member of Almora

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2. In Haridwar, the tenure of panchayats ended in March and April itself. This is a district where Panchayats are handed over to the administrators. Due to this there was a delay in releasing the money. — Haridwar District Magistrate C Ravi Shankar

3. I had approved the schemes long back, but why the money could not be delivered to the departments on time is not known. – Minister in charge of Pauri Bishan Singh Chufal

4. Due to Kovid, the meeting could not be held physically, but online plans were approved. The money not being released to the departments till the end of May is not a question but a jumble of figures. Harak Singh Rawat, Minister in charge of Almora

And what are the experts saying?
Mahendra Singh Rana, head of the Dwarikhal block of Pauri district and an expert on the Panchayati Raj system, says that this is a big negligence because now the monsoon period has started. Construction work will not be done in the rain. After that, the model code of conduct for the assembly elections will come into force in December. Then when will the development work happen?

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