Earn money from stock market investors profit jumps 25 46 lakh crore rupees in Q1 ndss

New Delhi: In the first three months of the current financial year, the stock market has made a lot of money for the investors. On one hand, the whole country was battling the wave of Corona. On the other hand, investors have earned huge profits from the stock market. The effect of strong market sentiment has been seen on the investments made by the investors. Between March and June, the first quarter of this financial year, investors have made a profit of Rs 25,46,954.71 crore.

Let us tell you that in the first quarter, BSE’s main index Sensex has seen a gain of about 6 percent. The Sensex index has gained about 2,973.56 points during this period. On June 15 this year, the market cap of the BSE Sensex had reached its all-time high of Rs 2,31,58,316.92 crore.

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increased market cap
The market cap of the companies included in the Sensex has increased by $ 3 trillion i.e. Rs 220 lakh crore. Apart from this, the market cap of companies included in BSE increased by Rs 90,82,057.95 crore to Rs 2,04,30,814.54 crore in the fiscal year 2020-21.

Investors made huge profits
From April to June, where the corona epidemic was spread in the country on one side. On the other hand, investors were making huge profits from the stock market. Investors benefited a lot from the strength of the stock market. Despite the trouble of the coronavirus pandemic, the 30-share Sensex rose 68 per cent or 20,040.66 points in the last financial year. The stock market also got support due to better than expected results of companies in the fourth quarter of FY 2021.

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Today was a fast start
Talking about today’s business, the market started with an edge. Sensex was trading at the level of 52,516.31 with a gain of 33.6 points or 0.06 per cent. At the same time, Nifty was at the level of 15,748.15 with a gain of 26.65 points or 0.17 percent.

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