Fan wrote the story of Krrish-4 in 5 minutes on social media, Hrithik Roshan gave 100 marks

New Delhi. few days back Hrithik Roshan announced the superhero classic film ‘Krrish-4’. On the occasion of completion of 15 years of the film’s release, the actor shared a video. It was only after the announcement of the film that there was a discussion on social media about its story. The Krrish franchise is undoubtedly the country’s most loved and successful superhero franchise and sets a benchmark for everything India has to offer within the popular genre.

Hrithik Roshan A fan of Krrish wrote the storyline of Krrish-4 in his own style and shared it on Twitter. The interesting thing is that this fan wrote this story in just 5 minutes. Hrithik also liked this story written by his fan. He has given 100 marks out of 100 to the fan’s imagination. This tweet of Hrithik’s fan is now going viral.

Hrithik Roshan According to the story written by a fan of K, actor Naseeruddin Shah, who became a supervillain, has returned from the year 2022. He returns to 2006 after stealing Priya and Krishna’s children. Krishna goes to the past through the time machine to bring back his children. But here Naseeruddin Shah catches him. Priya is left alone and then magic comes and gives her powers and she saves her husband. In the end, both of them go back in 2022 with their child.

Notably, the superhero classic Krrish had global significance, was a trendsetter and has set several firsts in Indian cinema, from paving the way for visual effects in the country to being the first film to be shot at unexplored locations. was.

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