Firing in Haiti’s capital Port au Prince kills 15

Port of Prince. At least 15 people were killed in a firing on the main street of Haiti’s capital Port au Prince. A journalist and a political activist are also among the dead. National Police Chief Leon Charles gave this information on Wednesday. He said the investigation into the late Tuesday night attack was still ongoing and he did not provide any information about whether one person carried out the shooting or that multiple attackers were involved. Several bodies were found on the main road in Delmas.

Charles said the shooting happened hours earlier when a spokesman for a group of disgruntled police officers was killed in the same area. This group is known as Phantom 509. He blamed the associates of Phantom 509 for the mass murder but did not provide any evidence. “The police will not tolerate these acts of retaliation in any form,” Charles said. Members of Phantom 509 have not been contacted yet.

The killings have taken many in Haiti by surprise and come amid escalating violence between groups in the capital in recent months.

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The US embassy in a statement condemned the killings, saying it was “deeply concerned about the loss of life and the general danger.” Requests to protect its citizens by getting them punished.

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