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Foods Cause Hairfall: Hair fall is a common problem in today’s time but sometimes it takes a serious form. Many times the problem of hairfall increases so much that it can make you bald. To stop hair fall, you have to make some changes in your lifestyle. You have to make your diet healthy and avoid eating some foods. Let us tell you about some such foods whose consumption increases the problem of hair loss.

It is said that milk and salt are each other’s enemies. In Ayurveda, it is forbidden to eat these two foods together. In such a situation, if you eat salty parathas or salty biscuits with milk, then your body does not get the nutrition of milk, but it gives rise to many diseases. Consuming milk and salt together increases the problem of hair fall. Do not consume milk and salt together to avoid hairfall.

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Both banana and milk work together to nourish the body, but if you drink milk after eating banana or drink it after making a banana shake, then it can harm your health many times. Actually, there is a little bit of citric acid inside every fruit, which together with milk produces toxins inside the body. Due to this, your body is not benefited but harmed and the problem of hair fall starts increasing.

People like to eat French fries and fried things, but when your hair is falling rapidly, then reduce the process of eating such things. To avoid the problem of hair fall, avoid consuming things made by deep frying french fries, chips or potatoes.

Soda and soft drinks give instant relief in the summer season but they are harmful for the body. Consumption of diet soda and soft drinks in excess amount is bad for health. Due to its consumption, the problem of hair fall starts increasing. Due to their consumption, the level of sugar in the body increases very fast, due to which the amount of insulin in the body increases. In this case, many parts of the body including the heart are affected.

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Things made from maida like salty fries, namak pare, sugar pare, biscuits, Maggi, spoil your intestines. Maida has a bad effect on the digestive system of the people. When the intestines are not able to absorb the food properly, then weakness increases in the body, which becomes the reason for hair fall. If you are fond of eating cookies and fries, then you should eat cookies made of gram flour, wheat, jowar or barley flour. It will also quench your minor hunger and cravings and will not cause hair fall.

The problem of hairfall increases due to alcohol and smoking. In such a situation, stop consuming these things. Consumption of alcohol in high amounts greatly increases the speed of hair fall.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general information. Hindi news18 does not confirm the same. Please contact the concerned expert before implementing them.)

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