Get rid of flies in this way during the rainy season

Tips to Get Rid of Flies: Rainy season sounds pleasant but brings with it many problems. One of these are flies which cause a lot of trouble during the rainy season. No matter how much cleaning is done, the flies still keep coming. Due to which it becomes difficult to cook and even eat food. To get rid of these flies, you can adopt these methods mentioned here.

use ginger

You can take the help of ginger to get rid of flies. For this, grind about fifty grams of ginger finely and make a paste. Now mix it in two glasses of water and mix it well. Then filter it and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray on the places where the flies sit. This will stop the flies from entering the house.

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help of chili

You can also use chillies to get rid of flies. For this, take seven-eight red or green chilies and grind them finely and make a paste. Then mix this paste well in two glasses of water and boil it on the gas for two minutes. After it cools down, filter it and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray on the places where the flies sit more in the house. This will reduce the arrival of flies. But keep in mind that when you spray, do not let children go to those places, as well as keep the spray bottle out of reach of children.

Take the help of Tulsi

You can also take the help of Tulsi to drive away flies. For this, you should plant basil plants in your balcony and garden. Along with this, make a fine paste by grinding fifteen to twenty leaves of basil. Filter it by mixing it in water and fill it in a spray bottle. Spray the house with this water. Flies do not like the smell of basil. Due to which the arrival of flies in the house will be reduced.

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Kapoor will support

Camphor will support you in getting rid of flies. For this, burn camphor two-three times a day in those places in the house where flies come more. Along with this, if you want, you can also use camphor spray. For this, make powder by grinding camphor and mix it in water. Then heat this water for some time so that the camphor mixes well in the water. When it cools down, fill this water in a spray bottle and spray it at home two-three times a day. With this you will get rid of this problem. (Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm them. Before implementing these, please contact the concerned expert.)

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