Good time for investment in gold you can get good benefits check how varpat– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. Gold is considered one of the best options for investment among Indians. It can be guessed that a large part of the budget for weddings is spent on gold jewelery and coins etc. India is the second country in the world where gold is consumed the most. Gold is not only a precious metal but also an auspicious metal for the people in India. On the other hand, gold is getting cheaper by Rs 10,000 from the record level right now. Gold prices are falling continuously.

Will not fall for long
According to commodity experts, gold will be expensive after July, so you will get huge returns in terms of investment, but buying will cost you dearly. Experts say that the fall in the price of the precious metal is temporary and gold investors should buy this fall. should be seen as an opportunity. According to bullion experts, the price of gold will reverse soon and will reach ₹48,500 per 10 grams in a month after the trend reversal.

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Gold gave 28 percent return
If we talk about the investment of gold, then last year gold has given a return of 28 percent. Last year also the return of gold was around 25 per cent. If you are investing for the long term, then gold is still a very safe and good option for investment, which gives great returns. According to experts, the price of gold will increase in the coming days, so this is a good investment opportunity for you.

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