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Check Purity Of Milk At Home: From your fridge to your kitchen, there is a lot of fake things coming from the market and you do not even know that you are unknowingly consuming fake things. In such a situation, it is certain to be surrounded by diseases. Milk is one of our everyday items. Milk is the need of every household and everyone drinks milk. Be it children, elderly or other members of the household. However, unaware of the adulteration in milk, we all start falling prey to many types of physical problems. In such a situation it is important that you know the identity of real milk. You must be aware of whether detergent has been mixed in milk or if excess water has been added to it or any other health-threatening thing has been added to it. With the help of some tips, you can identify adulterated milk sitting at home. Let’s learn how-

easiest way to identify
The oldest but effective method of testing milk is to drop a few drops of milk on a smooth surface. If its drops flow slowly and leave a mark, then understand that this milk is pure. But the drops of adulterated milk will flow away quickly without leaving a trace.

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detection of urea adulteration
Adulteration of urea in milk can be poison for you. Therefore, its identification is essential. To check whether milk is adulterated with urea, mix a little milk and soybean powder in a test tube. Then after 5 minutes dip red litmus paper in it. If the color of this paper turns blue, then understand that there is adulteration in milk.

sniff and find
You can also identify synthetic milk by smelling it. If it smells like soap when smelled, it means that the milk is synthetic. At the same time, the real milk does not smell anything special.

sweet taste of real milk
At the same time, the specialty of real milk is that its taste is mildly sweet. At the same time, the taste of fake milk seems to be bitter due to the adulteration of detergent, soda or any other thing in it.

identify by its color
As long as you keep real milk, it does not change its color. On the other hand, after keeping the fake milk for some time, its color starts turning yellow. In this way you can understand whether fake milk is coming to your house or real.

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Detergent detection in milk
There have been many cases of adulteration of detergent in milk. In such a situation, its identification is very important so that your health is not played with. To identify the adulteration of detergent in milk, take 5-10 mg of milk in a test-tube and if it starts forming froth after stirring vigorously, then it means that detergent has been adulterated in it.

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