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Grow Spinach At Home: Green leafy vegetables are very important for health. This is the reason why spinach greens are eaten in every household. Make it in any way, it takes care of health along with taste. Spinach, which is rich in nutritious elements, is also available in the market today. But it is better if spinach is grown at home. If you are fond of gardening along with eating spinach greens, then you can also grow it at your home. Growing it is very easy. Let’s know with the help of which methods spinach can be grown in the garden or pot at home-

take this pot
To grow a spinach plant, first take a large pot. It may be less in height but its width should be more, because the roots of spinach are not very deep. But it spreads more. If you are growing it on the ground, then choose the right place for it.

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Choose a less sunny spot
Also keep in mind that the pot of your plant should be kept away from the strong sunlight. The reason for this is that the spinach plant does not need much sunlight. That is, for this, choose a place where there is less sunlight, there is shade.

get good quality seeds
Spinach plant can be planted at any time of the year except the extreme winter season. Especially from February-March to September, spinach seeds can be planted. For better yield, take better quality seeds. Plant the seeds about two inches below the soil.

Give water twice a day
Give enough water to the spinach plant that it does not rot. That is, give enough water that the moisture remains in it. Water it twice a day.

apply natural fertilizer
For good nutrition of spinach plants, fertilize them. It would be better if this manure is natural manure. For this, you can use kitchen waste like peels of vegetables etc., cow dung etc.

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protect from pests
You can use neem oil to protect your plant from pests. For this, mix neem oil in lukewarm water and spray it on your plants at least twice a month.

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