Indian Railways: Weekly special train is being run between UP-Chhattisgarh, will not be able to travel without reservation

New Delhi. For the convenience of railway passengers, it has been decided by the Indian Railways to operate a special train between Chhattisgarh and Uttar Pradesh in both the directions. This weekly special train will be operated from Durg Junction on 8th July and from Nautanwa on 10th July till further orders.

According to the North Eastern Railway spokesperson, before traveling in the train, it is important for the passengers to note that all the coaches of the train will be of reserved category. Travel in the train will not be possible without a reserved ticket. It will be mandatory for the passengers to follow the Kovid-19 standards during the journey.

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Weekly special train 08205 Durg-Nautanwa (Via Ayodhya) will run on every Thursday from July 08 till further orders and 08206 Nautanwa-Durg (Via Ayodhya) weekly special train will run on every Saturday from July 10 till further orders.

According to North Eastern Railway spokesperson Pankaj Kumar Singh, 08205 Durg-Nautanwa (Via Ayodhya) weekly special train will leave Durg at 20.10 hrs every Thursday from July 08, 2021 till further orders, leaving Bhilai Power House at 20.21 hrs, Raipur at 20.55 hrs, Tilda at 20.55 hrs. 21.28 hrs, Bhatapara at 21.50 hrs, Uslapur at 23.05 hrs, 2nd day from Pendra Road at 00.32 hrs, Anuppur at 01.20 hrs, Amlai at 01.33 hrs, Shahdol at 02.10 hrs, Umaria at 03.12 hrs, Katni at 05.00 hrs, Satna at 07.00 hrs , Manikpur at 08.15 hrs, Prayagraj at 11.00 hrs, Pratapgarh at 12.20 hrs, Sultanpur at 13.35 hrs, Faizabad at 15.35 hrs, Ayodhya at 16.00 hrs, Katra at 16.27 hrs, Mankapur at 17.12 hrs, Basti at 18.03 hrs, Gorakhpur at 20.10 hrs And leaving Anandnagar at 21.15 hrs will reach Nautanwa at 22.00 hrs.

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In return journey 08206 Nautanwa – Durg (Via Ayodhya) weekly special train will leave Nautanwa at 08.50 hrs every Saturday from 10th July, 2021 till further orders, leaving Anandnagar at 09.32 hrs, Gorakhpur at 11.05 hrs, Basti at 12.10 hrs, Mankapur at 13.10 hrs. , Katra at 14.05 hrs, Ayodhya at 14.40 hrs, Faizabad at 15.12 hrs, Sultanpur at 16.50 hrs, Pratapgarh at 18.00 hrs, Prayagraj at 20.25 hrs, Manikpur at 22.50 hrs, 2nd day from Satna at 00.15 hrs, Katni at 02.30 hrs, Umaria 04.07 hrs, Shahdol at 05.35 hrs, Amlai at 06.05 hrs, Anuppur at 06.35 hrs, Pendra Road at 07.22 hrs, Usalapur at 09.45 hrs, Bhatapara at 10.31 hrs, Tilda at 10.53 hrs, Raipur at 12.00 hrs and Bhilai Power House at 12.33 hrs Departure and reach Durg at 13.00.

SLRD in this train. A total of 20 coaches including 02, 02 general second class, 11 sleeper class, 02 air-conditioned third class and 03 air-conditioned second class coaches will be deployed.

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