Know what kind of challenges doctors have to face while on duty

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National Doctor’s Day 2021: The doctor is not called God just like that. People’s beliefs and expectations are attached to them. As much as people have faith and hope in God, they see it in the doctor as well. But do you know what challenges a doctor has to face in the course of his duty, trying his best to live up to the faith and expectation of the people as God? Let us know today through Dr Ved Prakash, what challenges he faces in his personal and professional life while performing his duty. Let us tell you that Dr. Ved Prakash is the Head of Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, King George’s Medical University, Lucknow.

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Patients have to be served before loved ones

The biggest challenge for a doctor is to serve the patients before their loved ones. This is to say of Dr. Ved Prakash. They say that traveling around in personal life, marriage and party are far away. Even when our loved ones are sick, we have the responsibility of treating the patients before them. Whereas due to being in the medical field, the expectation of our family is also only from us and we are not able to live up to their expectation. Because we believe in Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

Treat the enemy wholeheartedly

Doctor Ved Prakash says that I would like to tell that my wife was Kovid positive in the past. Being my doctor and not having any other mail member in the house, he had a lot of expectations from me but I had to do my duty for the patients before taking care of him. Because we medical people take the same opinion that first of all our responsibility will be for the patients. To fulfill which, we have to leave our family members in trouble and go to serve the patients. Then even if our enemy is in front of us.

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everything is not in our hands

Dr Ved Prakash says One even bigger challenge we doctors face. That is to meet the expectations of patients and their relatives. They consider the doctor to be God and they feel that everything is in the hands of the doctor. While we are not God and everything is not in our hands. The doctor, nurse or any person connected with the medical does everything possible to cure the patient. But many times, despite thousands of efforts, we are not able to live up to the expectation of the front because everything is not in our hands. In such a situation, whenever someone is angry, it is very sad. Because we feel that despite so much effort, we could not live up to the expectation of the person in front. But we also accept their anger because they are in sorrow. But a little bit, those people should also understand that due to such behavior, we doctors and people associated with the medical field are also hurt.

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