Lisa Haydon became a mother for the third time, gave good news to the fans in a unique way

New Delhi. actress Lisa Haydon Became a mother for the third time. The actress has not shared this good news on her social networking site, but she gave this information to her fans in a unique way. Actually, commenting on a video recently shared by Lisa on Instagram, one of her fans asked, ‘Can you tell me where are your 3 little kids?’, answering the fan’s question. replied, ‘In my arms’.

It is clear from this that Lisa has become a mother for the third time, but she has not disclosed any gender. According to the news coming in the media, Lisa has given birth to a little angel. Although Lisa had also said many times on her Insta post that she is going to give birth to a girl. The comment of Lisa and her fan is now becoming fiercely viral on social media. Let me tell you, during her pregnancy, Lisa was showing her glamor style on social media while flaunting baby bump. So come, now you also see the comment of Lisa and her fan-

(Photo Credits: Instagram @lisahaydon)

A few days ago, Lisa Haydon made a post on Instagram, in which Lisa was getting nervous about her pregnancy. The actress wrote in her post, ‘Those mothers who are a little nervous about the upcoming baby, especially those who have one in their hand and now the other is about to come. I worry about baby’s emotions, how he will express himself when he is learning to speak. We will always love you son, knowing that your sister is coming in 10 weeks.’

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