Pod taxi gets green signal it will run from greater noida to jewar airport dlnh

New Delhi. The way to run Pod Taxi from Jewar Airport to Greater Noida has been cleared to a great extent. A few days ago, the Yamuna Authority has released the budget for Metro Rail as well as Pod Taxi. It is discussed that initially pod taxis can be run on the 5.5 km route from Film City to Jewar Airport. This is the first experiment of running a pod taxi in India. However, the discussion of running pod taxis at IGI Airport has been going on for a long time. The Yamuna Authority also plans to connect Jewar Airport with IGI Airport by metro rail.

Significantly, the Yamuna Authority had released its budget on Monday itself. 300 crore has been given in the budget for multi-modal connectivity metro, pod taxi and road. If sources are to be believed, initially reports like DPR and feasibility will be prepared from the amount given for pod taxi in the budget. The presentation of pod taxi was also seen during the budget.

Between Jewar Airport and Film City, offices and commercial complexes of all multinational companies will be built, keeping this in mind, there are discussions about choosing the route from Jewar Airport to Film City for the first phase.

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This is how pod taxis run

The pod taxi operates in two modes, one on track and the other on hanging mode with the help of cables. But there are plans to run it on the track in India. There will be neither red signal nor jam on this track. Although the pod taxis operating abroad are 4 to 6 seater, but there are plans to run 8 to 10 seater taxis in India.

Pod taxis are fully computerized. It does not have a driver. It runs on battery. But starting a pod taxi is not an easy task. The cost of one kilometer of track to be built for pod taxis comes to around Rs 60 crore. Along with sitting in the taxi, with the help of touch screen, you have to write the name of the station where you want to get down. The taxi will stop on its own on arrival at the station. The rent has to be paid by card.

Pod taxi can also run till Noida Heliport

Heliport is also being constructed near the golf course in Noida. This heliport is near from Mahamahaya flyover and away from Pari Chowk. But the authority plans to run pod taxis from Okhla Bird Century Metro Rail Station to Heliport so that passengers do not suffer. There is also a plan to run pod taxis at Indira Gandhi International Airport. Here pod taxis can be run between the terminals.

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