To make the skin glowing, make chamomile tea face pack like this

You must have used many different face packs on your face to make the skin glowing, to remove dryness, to improve the skin, to remove skin inflammation, to remove tanning and sunburn. But what would you say if you had to apply only one face pack to remove all these skin problems along with making the skin glowing? You will say how is this possible. So let us tell you that this is possible with chamomile tea face pack. For which you will need only three ingredients. After using this, you will not have to try different things on your face. Along with this, money and time will also be saved. Now you must be thinking that how to make it. So let us tell how chamomile tea face pack can be prepared and used.

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How to prepare face pack

If you do not have chamomile tea ready, then to make it, first put a small cup of water in a vessel for boiling. Now boil chamomile flowers in it for 2-3 minutes. Then keep it to cool down. Your chamomile tea will be ready. Now take four tablespoons of chamomile tea in a bowl. Then add four drops of lemon juice to it and also add four drops of tea tree oil. Now mix everything well amongst themselves. Face pack is ready. Chamomile tea and tea tree oil and lemon all have anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal properties which are very helpful in removing skin problems.

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use this way

First of all wash the face with water and dry it. Now take a cotton pad and dip it in a mixture made of chamomile tea, lemon juice and tea tree oil. Now apply this mixture all over your face and neck. Then leave it on the face for twenty minutes. After this, massage the face in a circular motion with light hands, then wash the face with plain water. Repeat this process once a week.
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