What problems start in the body, when the temperature starts rising above 40 degrees?

The temperature has started rising again. The temperature has reached above 45 degrees in many parts of the country. The temperature in Delhi and North India is going above 43 degrees. The last week of June and the beginning of July is the name of the heat. In countries like Canada and America, the temperature is going to be around 49 or 50 degrees. People have started dying in this heat.

After all, what is the extent of the scorching heat that we can tolerate? Sometimes the heat increases so much that the body cannot tolerate it. With increasing heat, the condition of the body starts changing and deteriorating. At this time, the attention of the body is very much needed. In this regard, we know how our body starts reacting in the scorching heat.

Question: When does heat stress occur?
Doctors and researchers often use the term ‘heat stress’ when talking about the effect of rising temperature on the human body. Explaining heat stress, Associate Professor Dey at IIT Delhi says, “When our body is in extreme heat, it tries to maintain its core temperature. Depending on the environment and physical conditions, how much the body is able to try to maintain its core temperature, in such a situation, we also start feeling tired.

Question- What are the symptoms of heat stress?
Regarding the symptoms of heat stress, Dr. Sanjeev Bagai of Nephron Clinic says that if the mercury crosses 40 degrees, then it becomes difficult for the body. Although the effect is different in different situations, Dr. Bagai, stating the commonly seen symptoms, says, “If the mercury ranges from 40 to 42 degrees, then there are complaints like headache, vomiting and lack of water in the body. If the mercury is 45 degrees, then low blood pressure due to complaints like fainting, dizziness or nervousness are common complaints.

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Question – What happens if we stay in 48 to 50 degree temperature for a long time?
If you stay in the temperature 48 to 50 degrees or more for a long time, then the muscles can respond completely and death can also occur. As happened with the passengers of Kerala Express near Jhansi last year. Needless to say that children, old people, pregnant women or sick people can become victims of such situations.

Question – Chemistry of body and heat
The normal temperature of the human body is 98.4 degrees Fahrenheit or 37.5 to 38.3 degrees Celsius. This does not mean that at a temperature of 38 or 40 degrees Celsius, you should not get hot. In fact, it is the core temperature of the body. That is, a lower temperature can also be felt at the level of the skin.

Question – Why does the air feel more hot?
This happens because air is not a good conductor of heat. In simple language, understand that you compare the temperature with the environment your body comes in contact with. When your body comes in contact with air, the temperature of the air is transferred to your body, but your body temperature is not transferred as much to the air because air is not a good conductor of heat. But there is water. When you come in contact with water, your body temperature is transferred to the water. This is the reason why water with a temperature of 45 or 50 degrees Celsius does not feel as hot to you as the air of the same temperature.

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Question- How does the body react when the temperature rises?
According to clinical research, the body reacts in a particular pattern when the temperature rises. More than 70 percent of the body is made up of water. That is, the water of our body fights with the heat to keep the body temperature stable in the rising temperature. Sweating is part of this process. But if the body remains in this process for a long time, then there is a lack of water in the body.

Question – What kind of symptoms start happening in the body at this time?
As soon as there is a shortage of water, every body reacts according to its effect. Some may feel dizzy, some may have a headache and some may even faint. Basically, the lack of water affects the entire process of breathing. Because of this, there is more pressure on the heart and lungs to maintain the flow of blood. It is natural to have an effect on blood pressure as well.

The flow of blood affects the brain the most quickly. Therefore, the problem of headache is usually the first symptom. Doctors advise migraine patients to avoid excessive heat completely. After these results, the worst can be heat stroke. One study found that 28 percent of those who had suffered severe heat stroke died within a year despite treatment.

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If you have dry skin, dry tongue and lips, red marks appear on the skin, muscle weakness is felt, then you should understand that the rising temperature is affecting your body a lot.

Question – Why body cannot tolerate water loss?
Water is the life source of our body, so we have the most water in our body. Due to sweating in summer, there is a shortage of not only water but also salt i.e. salt. Water is essential for every organ. Due to the temperature of 40 to 45 degree Celsius, if there is a lack of water in the body and it remains for a long time then it can have serious consequences such as heat stroke, heart stroke or even brain haemorrhage.

In the summer season, many problems arise due to dehydration i.e. lack of water and salt in the body. If the lack of water becomes excessive or lasts for a long time, then the heart rate can increase, blood pressure can increase suddenly. Due to lack of water and salt, the kidneys are not able to do the work of making urine properly. The flow of blood to the brain is blocked. The muscles relax. Overall, water and salt are necessary for every organ. It is important to keep meeting the water requirement of your body during the growing summer season.

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Question – What is the maximum temperature up to which humans can survive?
What is the maximum temperature a human can survive in? This is a question that cannot be answered precisely. Because there are different types of climates on our earth and also bodies with different capabilities. So far there is no such study that can give a precise answer to this question. But yes, after 40 to 45 degree Celsius temperature, every person with normal condition needs to be cautious and careful.

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One such question is whether heat is more lethal or humidity? In fact, there is a synergy of both. If the balance between increasing temperature and humidity is correct, then your body will be able to tolerate it for a long time, otherwise it will not.

Question – What is heat wave and heat stroke?
If heat wave is understood in the Indian context, it means heat wave. Just as there is a cold wave in winter, similarly heat wave occurs in summer. That is, very hot air. What is the temperature of the heat wave? The answer is that a normal temperature is fixed according to the location. If the temperature is about 5 degrees Celsius above that normal temperature, then a heat wave occurs.

Due to the reasons mentioned earlier, when the body is unable to tolerate due to heat wave or extreme heat and serious problems arising due to increase in body temperature is called heat stroke. Fainting, dizziness and severe headache are its obvious symptoms.

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