Many times the glow does not come even after applying face pack, then these mistakes are responsible for it

Mistakes after applying face packs: To bring glow on the face, people use different face packs on the face. But in spite of many efforts, that glow is not visible on the face for which they spend so much hard work and money. Have you ever wondered why this happens? Actually, many times we keep making such mistakes which we are not aware of. So let’s know today what mistakes should be avoided while applying face pack on the face.

Do not keep face pack for long

Many times, after applying face pack on the face, people leave it on the face for a long time. They feel that by applying the pack for a long time, its effect will be more. But this method is not right. Avoid making this mistake. Keep the face pack on for at least twenty minutes and then remove it. Otherwise, the skin starts getting dryness and rashes and instead of increasing the glow, it reduces.

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Do not talk after applying face pack

After applying the face pack on the face, many times people keep talking in between even before it dries up. So some people keep on eating and drinking. This mistake should also be avoided. After applying the face pack, always lie down or sit without saying anything and eating or drinking. Until it dries completely.

Do not remove face pack by rubbing

After applying the face pack on the face, many people allow it to dry completely and then rub it and remove this pack from the face. This method is not correct at all. This makes the skin rough. Always use wet hands to remove the face pack from the face. Gently massage the pack off the face. If you want, take a few drops of rose water in your hands and apply it on the face first, then remove it when the face pack becomes slightly wet.

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Do not use hot water on face

Many times people use warm or lukewarm water to remove the face pack from the face. Which is not right at all. Always avoid repeating this mistake and whether it is winter or summer, always clean your face with plain water.(Disclaimer: The information and information given in this article is based on general assumptions. Hindi news18 does not confirm these. Please consult the concerned specialist before implementation.)

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