Record-breaking heat in Canada caused fire in villages, 1000 people shifted so far

Ottawa. In Canada, fire is raining from the sky these days. The heat in the country has broken all its records. Many people have lost their lives here due to the heat wave. Meanwhile, in the province of British Columbia, there were many incidents of fire due to scorching heat. After which the fire brigade and the rescue team have shifted about 1000 people to a safer place.

Premier John Horgan told a press conference that 62 new fires have been reported in the past 24 hours in western Canada’s British Columbia province. “I cannot stress enough how extreme the fire risk is right now in almost every part of British Columbia,” he said.

Mercury crosses 49 degrees for the third consecutive day in Canada, so far 134 people have died due to heat in Vancouver

At the same time, local MP Brad Wies said, ‘There has been structural damage in the city of Lytton, 250 kilometers (155 miles) northeast of Vancouver. 90 percent of the villages, including the city centre, have been burnt.”

134 people died of heat in Vancouver
According to figures released by Vancouver’s City Police Department and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, 134 people died suddenly due to the heat. Vancouver police say that about 65 people have died under their knowledge. Let us tell you that Canada had the highest temperature ever on Tuesday. The Canadian Meteorological Department said that the mercury reached 49.5 degrees Celsius on Tuesday.

A day later, 250 residents of the village north of Lytton were evacuated on Wednesday evening. By Wednesday night, 100 more people were evacuated.

Armed forces ready to help – Defense Minister
Defense Minister Harjit Sajjan wrote on Twitter: “The last 24 hours have been devastating for the residents of Lytton. The Canadian Armed Forces stand ready to assist residents as we move towards the next stages of danger.”
Provincial officials have yet to announce any burns or deaths related to the fire, many of which were caught in the fire north of the city of Kamloops. This place is located about 150 km northeast of the city of Litton.

Environment Canada issued a warning for these cities
Environment Canada said in a bulletin issued for the Prince George, BC area on Thursday morning that an exceptionally strong ridge of high pressure is moving forward over British Columbia. This will lead to record-breaking temperatures in the next few days.” In addition to British Columbia, heatdome warnings have been issued for Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, parts of the Northwest Territories and now the provinces of northern Ontario.

Canada Heat Wave: The biggest accident of the century in Canada! Hundreds of lives lost; what will happen now?

What is this heatdome?
According to a CBC report, a heatdome is a mountain of hot winds, which is formed by the fluctuation of very strong wind waves. When a strong wave moves – a dam of strong winds is formed in the level above the atmosphere. Due to which it becomes very intense and long. The pressure mechanism compresses it. Where it shouldn’t have been, it gets stuck there. In this case, the area of ​​high pressure, which is the heat dome, has remained in the Pacific Northwest. He is working to stop the weather and is not allowing it to move forward. Under normal circumstances, statisticians believe that this event occurs once in a thousand years. However, this event is more likely to happen quickly, because man-made heat is continuously heating the atmosphere.

Due to extreme heat and accompanying drought, the risk of fire has also increased in many places. An area of ​​1500 acres on the California border has also been scorched in the fire.

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