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Clothes Care In Monsoon: Although the rainy season is very romantic, but in this season there are some problems due to which the whole mood gets ruined. One of these is the smell coming from clothes. Yes, in fact, due to the excessive moisture in the atmosphere in this season, the clothes start smelling very quickly. Sometimes it smells so bad that it becomes difficult to wear them. The reason for this is the growth of bacteria in them. In such a situation, wearing smelly clothes also increases the risk of skin disease. If you are also troubled by this problem of rain, then here are some tips for you, by following which you can remove the smell of clothes.

1. Daily Cleaning Required

Never store sweaty clothes. It is very important to clean them daily. If you deposit such clothes or keep them in the almirah without cleaning, then due to this your other clothes will also be smelled.

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2. Using Vinegar and Baking Soda

On rainy days, if the clothes smell bad after washing, then you use baking soda or vinegar to remove the smell. If you want to remove the smell coming from clothes during rainy days, then use soda or baking soda with detergent. The difference will be visible.

3. Air Dry Clothes

Whenever you wash clothes, find a place to dry where there is plenty of air. You can also dry clothes under a fan during rainy days. By doing this your clothes will not smell in the rainy season.

4. Using Lemon Juice

Due to excessive moisture in this season, wet clothes start smelling. In such a situation, if you use lemon juice while washing the clothes, then the clothes will not smell and they will remain fresh.

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