Dehradun News: Due to the decision of 100 units of free electricity of the Dhami government, the price of electricity may increase in the coming time, know how

Harak Singh Rawat made a big announcement as soon as he became the Energy Minister of Uttarakhand and announced to provide 100 units of electricity free of cost to domestic consumers. Not only this, it has been decided to give 50% subsidy up to 200 units. With this decision of the state government, the announcement of the Energy Minister is no less than a challenge in front of Uttarakhand Power Corporation, which is running in loss of Rs. The corporation is not able to emerge from its losses and now how will it take a big loss of about 45 crores every month and how will the announcement of the minister come on the ground.

As soon as the Energy Minister, Harak Singh Rawat announced 50 percent discount on 200 units along with 100 units of electricity free on the lines of Delhi to the domestic consumers of the state. Because the state’s energy corporation is going through a loss of about 3 thousand crores and if this is implemented, then the electricity prices will increase in the coming time, which will cause even more loss.

RTI activist Biru Bisht said that there are about 26 lakh electricity consumers in the state, out of which 17 lakh consumers will get benefit after this announcement, but due to this announcement, UPCL will suffer a loss of 500 crores every year. How will the corporation recover this money, for which there is no answer yet. At the same time, Rakesh Sharma, president of Urja Kamgar Sangathan, says that the decision is commendable but its effect should not be bad, for which the closed files of scams in corporations should be opened properly.

On the lines of Delhi, free electricity is a challenge in front of the government somewhere. But it will be interesting to see how prepared the corporation is to bear such a huge loss.

what is the decision of uttarakhand government
Uttarakhand Energy Minister Harak Singh Rawat said that soon the domestic consumers of the state would be given free electricity up to 100 units and 50% subsidy would be given to consumers consuming up to 200 units of electricity. Along with this, Minister Harak Singh Rawat has also talked about waiving the head charge by 31 October and Harak Singh Rawat talked about including agriculture, milk producers in the domestic consumer.
Actually there are about 26 lakh electricity consumers in Uttarakhand. Out of which there are about 16 lakh domestic consumers. Who will get the benefit of this announcement. At the same time, the power project, which has been hanging in the balance for years to be built in the state, has also been said to start the Lakhwar project soon. For which the minister talked about talking to the Prime Minister along with the Union Energy Minister.

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