Microsoft will give a pandemic bonus of more than one lakh rupees to its employees! know everything

New Delhi. Due to the attack of Corona virus, its effect was clearly visible all over the world. Many people lost their jobs and many small traders were also badly affected due to the long lockdown. But in the midst of all this, some companies did not leave their employees under any circumstances. Rather, the giant tech company Microsoft has also announced to give a pandemic bonus to its employees. People get bonus during the festival but what if they get bonus to overcome this hour of crisis. However, Microsoft is not the first company to do so. Earlier in January, Bank of America had awarded over 1.7 lakh employees worldwide, including over 24,000 in India. A cash prize of $750 was each given to those who earn less than $1 million in annual compensation to appreciate their work through the pandemic.

Bonus amount will be $1,500
According to an internal proposal seen by The Verge, the bonus amount will be $1,500 and will be given to all employees below the corporate vice president level beginning on or before March 31, 2021. The bonus will also be given to employees who are part-time employees and who work with Microsoft at an hourly rate. The tech major has also postponed the opening of its office complex after it began gradually reopening its Redmond, Washington-based headquarters and surrounding campuses from March 29 with a six-stage hybrid workplace strategy. It currently has workplaces in 21 countries and is able to accommodate additional workers in its facilities, representing approximately 20 percent of the firms’ global employee population.

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Subsidiaries not eligible for this bonus
“Microsoft’s Chief Public Officer, Kathleen Hogan, today announced the gift to employees, and it will apply to all eligible employees in the US and internationally,” the report said. employs individuals, but subsidiaries such as LinkedIn, GitHub and ZeniMax will not be eligible for this bonus.

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