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Monsoon Trip: If you are bored living in homes for a long time and are planning to travel somewhere, then in this rainy season, it is very important to take care of some things before preparing for the journey and going out for a walk. Traveling in the rainy season is a different fun. But if it is not fully prepared then all the fun becomes gritty. If you want to enjoy the rain openly and have made plans to travel in this season, then keep in mind some important things. Also, keep in mind what important things you should keep with your luggage, what precautions should be taken, so that you do not face any kind of problem during the journey-

Choose the right place
Before planning to go somewhere, keep in mind that the place where you are going to roam, choose the place carefully. Because in many places during the rainy season, more danger increases in this season. Avoid going to such places.

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Avoid crowded places
At this time there is a danger of corona infection. Therefore, if you go out, after touching any outside thing, you must clean your hands thoroughly. Don’t go to crowded places there.

carry less luggage
To keep the journey pleasant, it is important that you have the least burden of luggage. Therefore, carry as few and very important items as possible with you. Also, do pre-booking of tickets and hotels before leaving for the journey. So that after reaching there you do not have to face any kind of trouble.

Will definitely take sunglasses with you
At this time, keep sunglasses with you to avoid the scorching sun. Also don’t forget to keep a hat. With this, where your eyes will be protected from the sun, while the hat will also give you a stylish look.

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keep essential medicines
While packing for the journey, keep some essential medicines with you. Some people get fever due to fatigue of travel, while some people have problem of vomiting and headache. So take necessary medicines.

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