Second hand car market boomed, corona epidemic became the main reason, know everything– News18 Hindi

New Delhi. After the onset of the Corona epidemic, the market for second hand cars has increased in the country. The biggest reason for this is that people are promoting the use of personal cars for their safety. Due to which the sale of second hand cars has increased more than new cars in the country. Recently, our colleague News18 English spoke to Rajiv Dhauja, CEO of Okshan, a second hand car business company. Let’s know about it…

Demand for second hand car increased in non-metro city- According to Okshan CEO Rajeev Dhauja, the demand for second hand cars has increased in non-metro cities as compared to metro cities. According to him, if the ratio of metro and non-metro cities is seen, then it will be 40 and 60. At the same time, he told that, any person can sell his car by coming on the Okshan platform and can also buy the old car at the right price.

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The company does online bidding – According to the Okshan company, online bidding is done here. The company’s CEO Rajiv told that, Okshan is the only platform where you can list your car and see the online bidding completely. According to him, everything remains transparent in this process.

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Growth in second hand car market- According to Okshan company, there is a growth of 5% year on year in the second hand car market. At the same time, there was a decline of about 17.8 percent in the sale of new cars last year. With which you can guess that the demand for second hand cars is going to increase in the coming days.

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